Manatee Romance - ($8)

Cumin seasoned beef burger with peanut butter sauce, basil, grilled onions, candied bacon, fig jam, sriracha aioli, and pickles.

Outer Space Canasta - ($9)

Pan-fried salmon in sweet soy sauce, honey-sesame aioli, sugar snaps, fresh corn, leeks, crispy shallots, pickled sweet peppers, garlic, ginger, dill.


Neil's Meal (also dedicated to Anna & Co.) – ($8)

Tarragon risotto cakes, acorn squash, Lebanese gyro sausage sauteed with summer vegetables, Brussels sprouts in lemon-nutmeg cream.

Rosenbaum Family Reunion - ($8)

Sweet lime glazed crispy eggplant and tofu, stir-fried summer vegetables, nori seasoned black & white rice, crispy shallots, honey sesame salad, lime, scallions. (*gf) (*v)


Calvinball Bronze Medalist – ($5)

Sweet lime peanut dressed romaine, mango, pineapple, Thai herbs, cashews, ginger, fresh corn, candied peppers, carrots, crispy shallots.  (*gf) (*v)


Pups & Cubs Club – ($4)

Strawberry, raspberry & rhubarb crumble with toffee chunks and almond whipped cream.


No, You Hang Up First - ($5)

Crispy wonton purses filled with summer vegetables, cream cheese and Thai herbs, Mandarin chili jam, scallions.