Advanced Biology - ($9)

Chicken braised in red molé, pan-fried corn tortillas, egg, cheddar, asparagus, fresh corn, candied peppers, crispy shallots, mango-avocado salad, arugula, salsa, cotija, sesame seeds, lime.

Bat Parade Logistics - ($8)

Two tacos of your choice (Mode 1 or Mode 2) accompanied by smoked paprika beans, curried rice pilaf, avocado-mango-basil salad, cotija, sour cream, pickled carrots, lime.

Taco Mode 1 - Cashew & kaffir lime crusted tilapia, dill, scallions, pineapple, salty coconut cream, crispy shallots, lime.  (*g)

Taco Mode 2 - Curry coconut squash, portobellos, asparagus, fresh corn, candied peppers, miso sesame cream, basil.  (*gf) (*v)


O.V.N.I.S. – ($7)

Mango, pineapple, napa cabbage, thai sausage, cashews, crispy rice, bell peppers, thai herbs, fresh corn, crispy shallots, peanuts, ginger, sesame, sweet lime dressing.  (*gf) (*v)


So, You Should Order This - ($3)

Our version of the Mexican dish, "Elote".  Grilled corn on the cob w/ sesame aioli, pesto, chili lime salt, cotija, cilantro, garlic.  (*gf)

Love Games - ($3)

Wasabi-honey-cumin guacamole with spiced tortilla chips.  (*gf) (*v)