Dinner For Frances - ($10)

Braised chicken OR sautéed mushrooms in red hazelnut mole with pan-fried corn tortilla, scrambled egg, asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, guacamole, balsamic marinated tomatoes, arugula, cotija, crispy shallots, toasted sesame, raspberry - habañero hot sauce, lime.  (*v)

Julep’s Noodle Incident - ($10)

Carte Blanche-ish mac & cheese: sake & Ethiopian berbere cheese sauce (5 cheeses!), sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, brussels sprouts, leeks, roasted cherry tomatoes, crispy shallots, brown butter breadcrumbs, fresh arugula, balsamic reduction.  If you’re feeling nostalgic, add sautéed, sliced Hebrew National Hot Dogs at no extra charge!  (*v)

Cricket, Get Off The Couch! - ($10)

Thai braised sweet pork, coconut jasmine rice, miso-buttered mushrooms and Chinese broccoli, parsnip-ginger-carrot salad in chili-lime dressing, crispy shallots, Thai herbs, roasted peanuts, toasted sesame, pickled fresno peppers.


Tropical Luna - ($5)

Pineapple upside-down mochi cake with salted pandanus coconut cream, fresh pineapple, candied coconut, and Thai iced tea whipped cream.  (*v)