Sabich (pronounced “zuh-Beak”) - ($10)

Our take on this Israeli flatbread sandwich with za’atar-honey seasoned eggplant, tzatziki, harissa hummus, hardboiled egg, caramelized onions, mango-mint sauce, cucumber, roasted cherry tomatoes, Israeli feta, pickled beets, arugula.  Served with dill & lemon smashed potatoes.  Your choice of rosemary jalapeño ketchup OR mild horseradish cream and homemade applesauce.  (*v)

Rice Bowls

Wing-bell, E-mail - ($10)

Kaffir lime-cashew-coconut crusted prawns OR Thai BBQ tofu with jasmine coconut rice, stir-fried spring vegetables in tom kha reduction sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, crispy shallots, Thai herbs, avocado, sesame, peanuts, ginger-carrot-parsnip salad in chili-lime dressing.   (*v)

Cricket, Get Off The Couch! - ($10)

Thai braised sweet pork, coconut jasmine rice, miso-buttered mushrooms and Chinese broccoli, parsnip-ginger-carrot salad in chili-lime dressing, crispy shallots, Thai herbs, roasted peanuts, toasted sesame, pickled fresno peppers.


Basketboots - ($5)

Pan-fried cornbread, berry-rhubarb compote, salted caramel, sliced apple, almond-cinnamon whipped cream.  (*v)