Carte Blanche Dinner at Güero!

We're on our way back!

In preparation for our restaurant (which is still a ways out), we're hosting a recipe-testing feast with nine courses, cocktail pairings, and coffee or tea service on Monday, May 1st from 7pm until around 10pm. Please feel free to BYOB in addition to the beverages we're providing.

The dinner will be family style, so your party will likely be sharing a table with other guests. We will unfortunately not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions or provide vegan/vegetarian options. 

The menu may change slightly depending on what's available, but here's what we have planned so far: 

  • Miang Kham - Betel leaf, achiote pork shoulder, peanuts, fragrant pear, toasted coconut sauce

  • Fish Tacos - Fresh masa tortilla, snapper, turmeric butter, dill, lime leaf, cashews, pineapple slaw, coffee aioli

  • Pierogi - Sharp cheddar mashed potatoes, caramelized shallots, crème fraîche, apple-rhubarb sauce, rice vinegar, curry, sambal 

  • Nam Prik Pao Pork Ribs - Coconut cream, crispy shallots, cilantro, buttered brioche rolls 

  • Eggplant + Zucchini Fries - Honey, feta, za'atar, lemon, basil pesto 

  • Crispy Rice Salad - Charred sweet pepper sauce, radicchio, arugula, khua kling, roasted beets and carrots, mango, pickled ginger, sesame, tom kha vinaigrette 

  • Chicken Adobo - Served over buttered rice with gailan and broccolini, garlic, ginger, scallions, caramelized eggplant and turnips, mild jalapeño emulsion 

  • Mushroom and Shortrib Mole - Tortilla scramble, queso fresco, asparagus, corn, avocado-citrus salad

  • Rhubarb Trifle - Vanilla budino, rhubarb compote, graham cracker crust crumble, coffee whip cream 


Monday, May 1st
7pm - 10pm


200 NE 28th Ave
Portland, OR 97232


(You'll be taken to our Square online store.)

Our hope is that this dinner and future pop-up dinners will be a way to reconnect with you, our friends, family, and beloved customers.

This will also give us a chance to try out recipes and practice operating in a restaurant space before our own restaurant opens.  We will absolutely welcome feedback, ideas, and observations at the end of the meal.

Thank you so much for coming to this, we can't wait to cook for you!