Hello. Ohh. We're going up garages host. Hello. Hi this is of the two. Just wanna let you guys. Alright cool man. Daffold may does made going to dated June. Did you coming on the Joan mall, or about the job. Jamal don't track. You All. We gave. Well hopefully. ON had the second of cutie. Second, Mon, February the 23rd, so wanted to let you guys the com in a hopefully by then. I have all wise to be home but yeah i just want to let you guys personally, there's no in my 30 they just really one on. Com and just that you guys know that I really would like you guys to com and her family members and so re really nice and fun. So yeah, if you guys do definitely Com and. I was just trying to get all the or family members and ready to come so Yeah, it would be really nice okay. You Guys. Thank you and yeah let me know if you need. 8. If you need to know any new news. I know. The number is (number). Okay bye.