The Secret Wife - ($7)

Black bean-basil-mushroom veggie burger with guacamole, roasted peppers, crispy shallots, cotija cheese, grilled pineapple, and sriracha aioli.  If you are outrageous, add candied bacon ($1).


The Noodle Incident - ($7)

Buckwheat soba noodles, curry peanut sauce, spring vegetables, crispy garlic, Thai herbs, and sweet chili & beer glazed sausage OR tofu.

Milton's Answer - ($9)

Pan-fried salmon, basil pesto, strawberries, balsamic reduction, Chinese broccoli, fresh corn, and red potatoes with dill.


Tropical Allison - (Large $6, Small $4)

Arugula, pineapple, strawberry, avocado, fresh corn, bell peppers, currants, Thai herbs, crushed peanuts, crispy shallots, coconut lime dressing.

Reenie, PhD - (Large $6, Small $4)

Romaine, crispy corn tortilla strips, fresh corn, avocado, pickled beets and fennel, cotija cheese, cilantro caesar dressing.


Fresh Salad Rolls - ($4)

Tofu, Thai herbs, romaine lettuce, apple.  Choice of sweet lime sauce OR spicy hoisin OR curry peanut sauce.

Pakoras - ($4)

Onion, sweet peppers, cauliflower, spinach, and curry potatoes fried in chickpea flour, with choice of date and red onion chutney OR lemon mint chutney OR cucumber raita.

Chips - (Large $4, Small $2)

Crispy corn tortillas with guacamole and cotija.


Bread Pudding - (Large $5, Small $3)

Banana, rum, toffee, Nutella bread pudding with salted caramel & hazelnut whipped cream.