Tiny Car Mac Attack - ($9)

Carte Blanche-ish mac & cheese: sake & Ethiopian berbere cheese sauce (5 cheeses!), sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, brussels sprouts, leeks, roasted cherry tomatoes, crispy shallots, brown butter breadcrumbs, fresh arugula, balsamic reduction.  (*v)

The Opposite of That - ($9)

Thai caramelized tomato & coconut curry (mild heat, very aromatic), braised chicken or crispy tofu, stir-fried vegetables, forbidden rice, crispy shallots, fresh herbs, toasted sesame, lime, crushed peanuts.  (*v)

Ocean Age - ($9)

Tilapia pan-fried in turmeric oil with cashews, toasted coconut, kaffir lime, roasted kuri squash, sweet soy glazed vegetables, green mango-lime-pineapple salad, salted coconut rice, Thai herbs, avocado, toasted sesame, pickled fresno peppers, crispy shallots, lime.


Mysterious Laundry - ($5)

Pan-fried cornbread, raspberry compote, honey mascarpone cheese, honey crisp apple, candied basil.  (*v)