The Decorative Helmet - ($10)

Braised chicken & fall vegetable pot pie with sharp cheddar-chive crust, caramelized onion-mushroom-thyme gravy, leeks, curried sweet potatoes, fresh corn, bacon.  Served with a rosemary walnut & arugula salad.  Your choice of roasted tomato-tahini vinaigrette or creamy miso-ginger vinaigrette.

Spaceman Spiff - ($10)

Thai lime-glazed crispy eggplant and tofu, stir-fried fall vegetables in sweet soy sauce, nori-seasoned forbidden rice, mint & basil, crispy shallots, Asian pear & pomegranate miso slaw, sesame, radish.  (*v)


Dear Feist, will you please come to Carte Blanche? - ($6)

Roasted new potatoes with dill, lemon, & garlic, sautéed fall vegetables, balsamic marsala glaze, whipped goat cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, tarragon & chives, crispy parsnip chips.  (*v)

The Most Ridiculous Things - ($3)

Kale chips in the style of Carte Blanche (they will surprise you!)  (*v)


Danielle and Mr. Hercules - ($5)

Lemon-poppyseed cupcake with raspberry preserves, cream cheese frosting, and candied lemon.  Baked for us by the lovely Mrs. Danielle Lee.  (*v)