Summer Vegetable Toast - ($5)

Grand Central seeded whole wheat toast with roasted garlic cashew spread, avocado, roasted cherry tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, roasted corn, arugula, balsamic reduction.  (*v)

Tropical Crispy Rice Salad - ($10)

Your choice of BBQ Tails & Trotters sausage OR crispy glazed Ota Tofu, fresh pineapple & strawberries, green lettuces & cabbages, carrots, herbs, roasted peanuts & cashews, sesame, coconut chips, lime leaves, ginger & lemongrass, crispy shallots.  (*v with tofu & no fish sauce)

Bowl - ($10)

Braised chicken OR roasted mushrooms in sunflower-almond mole with pan-fried corn tortillas, roasted cherry tomatoes & sweet peppers, asparagus, scrambled egg, avocado-peach salad, queso fresco, toasted sesame, arugula, lime.  (*v)

Soba Noodle Salad - ($7)

Buckwheat soba noodles with sugarsnaps, asparagus, roasted carrots, & fresh corn in ginger-peanut dressing.  Garnished with crumbled praline bacon, sesame, scallions, Japanese pickles, roasted peanuts, cherry tomatoes.  (*v without praline bacon)

Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob - ($4)

Thai basil-cashew pesto, aleppo aioli, queso fresco, lime, herbs, crispy shallots.  (*v)

Cookies! - ($3)

Our take on the Momofuku compost cookies.

Smoothie! - ($5)

16oz pineapple-raspberry-mango-coconut-peach smoothie.  (Ice cold!)