Bridges & Balloons (for Kaia, w/love) - ($8)

Coconut shrimp po'boy with charred scallion chipotle cream, lime & chili fried bananas, candied peppers, peach cole slaw, jufran.


Mischief bowl - ($7)

Choice of coconut shrimp OR apricot bourbon bbq chicken (or tofu), coconut quinoa, mango-basil-avocado salad, stir-fried Chinese broccoli, sugar snaps, fresh corn.  (*v) (*gf)

Michael Zimmer - ($7)

Barbecue chicken, garlic parmesan chive mashed potatoes, mushroom sherry gravy, stir-fried greens, sweet chili peach cole slaw.

Tido Tido! - ($7)

Curry bowl with fresh red curry, braised beef OR lemongrass tofu, Chinese broccoli, fried shallots, summer vegetables, coconut quinoa.  (*v) (*gf)


Grilled Corn - ($3)

With curry coconut lemongrass cream, scallions, lime.  (*v) (*gf)

Mini Baked Brie - ($3)

In puffed pastry with berry peach compote, fig balsamic reduction, candied pecans.


The Sneak - ($5)

Thin layer of chocolate fudge cake with chocolate chip & salted toffee cookie dough, coconut ice cream, berry & peach compote, fresh mint whipped cream.