All sandwiches served on a toasted Grand Central hoagie roll with a side of Thai pomegranate salad (*contains peanuts) 



The Vegetal Situation - ($9)

Crispy eggplant with za’atar & honey, harissa hummus, roasted cherry tomatoes & kuru squash, caramelized onions, stir-fried mushrooms, chevre, fresh basil pesto, arugula, avocado.  (*v)

Karl Pilkington - ($9)

Lemongrass-ginger beef meatballs, toasted cumin tomato sauce, stir-fried Chinese broccoli, caramelized fennel, Thai herbs, pickled Fresno peppers, salted coconut cream, crispy shallots.  *available not spicy by request

Gentlemanly Behavior - ($9)

Togarashi fried chicken, stir-fried leeks & Chinese broccoli in sweet soy, pickled cucumbers, carrots & Fresno peppers, Thai herbs, miso-lime aioli, chili-garlic hoisin, ginger, toasted sesame, crispy shallots.  *available not spicy by request


Angel Crispies - ($5)

Eggplant & zucchini fries with za’atar, honey, Israeli feta, basil, lemon  (*v)

Best Friend Soup - ($4)

A cup of potato-leek soup finished with chanterelles, sautéed asparagus, toasted breadcrumbs & chives.  (*v)  *Add as a side to a sandwich - $3


Smug Mug - ($5)

Indian style rice pudding with golden raisins and pistachios.  (*v)