The Teddy - ($7)

Pan-fried french bread,cart-made mozzerella, tomato, basil, fresh corn, bruscetta, balsamic reduction, avacado.

The Huck - ($7)

Beef burger with: caramelized onion, roasted bell peppers, pickled green beans, flagship cheese, arugula, sweet chili siracha aioli.  *If you are outrageous, add Candied bacon ($1)


Mischief - ($7)

Apricot bourbon BBQ fried chicken, coconut rice, avocado basil mango salad, sauteed chinese broccoli with lemon and garlic.

Spaceman Spiff - ($7)

Crispy eggplant in guava mandarin glaze, shallots, chinese broccoli, quinoa pilaf, peanuts, chili and lime.


The Helena Bonham Carter - (Large $6, Small $4)

Blanched asparagus, arugula, smoked almonds, brown butter croutons, crumbled hard-cooked egg, apple mustard vinaigrette, bacon, parmesan.

Shelley Duvall - (Large $6, Small $4)

Avocado, basil, mango salad with: fresh corn, and coconut lime dressing.


Crispy Lemon Potatoes - (Large $5, Small $3)

With Cajun spices, zataar, and curry peppercorn ranch or sweet chili sriracha cream or rosemary jalapeno ketchup.

Bread Pudding - (Large $5, Small $3)

Mango, blueberry and cranberry with kaffir lime caramel and thai tea whip cream.